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Please join me in implementing ethics reform to end corruption, holding the line on property taxes, and protecting our suburban quality of life.  Below are some of my positions on issues affecting us here in Nassau County.  I would love to hear what you think.  Please email me with with any thoughts on how to improve our great County!

Property Taxes

We MUST hold the line on property taxes!  Property taxes are already overly burdensome and we cannot afford further increases.

When I join the Republican majority in the County Legislature, I will continue the Republican track record of holding the line on property taxes.

Numbers don't lie.

Republicans assumed the majority in the Legislature in 2010. At the time of assuming the majority, county taxes made up 19% of your tax bill.  After 7 years of Republican control, county taxes now make up only 16%.

In 7 years of Republican control, there has been only 1 property tax increase of 2.2%, and that tax increase was refunded by New York State to those households making less than $500,000.

When the Democrats held the majority from 2000-2009, they raised property taxes a whopping 32.7%!  Further, Republicans in 2010 cancelled the Democrats plan for an additional 16.5% increase!

We simply cannot afford the Democrats tax increases.

Economic Development and Jobs

The unemployment rate in Nassau County when the Democrats relinquished control of the Legislature was 7.1%.  After 7 years of Republican control, the unemployment rate in Nassau County is 3.7%, significantly lower than the national average (5.1%).

We must continue down the Republican path of developing our economy and creating jobs.  I have a proven track record of creating jobs through my work in the Town of Hempstead Industrial Development Agency.  Attracting business and development is vital to creating jobs and lowering taxes for the residents of Nassau County.

Public Safety and Crime

We are blessed in Nassau County to have one of the finest police forces in the nation protecting us.

Under Republican leadership, crimes have plummeted.  We must continue furnishing our police department with the necessary equipment to continue their exceptional work.

Since the Republican's took the majority of the County Legislature, major crime is down 27%.  There is a 50% decrease in residential burglaries, 46% decrease in stolen vehicles, and 43% decrease in robberies.  These crime rates are the lowest since 1966.


These reductions in crime should be attributed to a dedicated and well trained police force, intelligence led policing models, and the Republican led investment in state of the art policing technology.


Heroin Epidemic

We have a big problem on Long Island with heroin.  The answer is not more arrests of users, but further educating our children about this deadly drug.

We must continue working with state, federal, and local police to aggressively combat heroin use and sales in Nassau County.  We must hunt down the dealers.  They are the killers!

We must expand NARCAN training.

Pooling resources with other municipalities to come up with a comprehensive education program will help combat the epidemic.

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